Commit c06feeaa authored by fooker's avatar fooker 👽

Use CertFP instead of password

parent 7eaef8ab
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......@@ -138,11 +138,6 @@ impl<M> Bot<M>
let connection = IrcClient::new_future(config)?;
let PackedIrcClient(connection, connection_future) = reactor.block_on(connection)?;
// Enable SASL auth
if connection.config().password.is_some() {
......@@ -206,10 +201,10 @@ impl<M> Bot<M>
server: Some(,
port: Some(config.port),
use_ssl: Some(config.use_ssl),
cert_path: config.cert_path.to_owned(),
cert_path: config.server_cert_path.to_owned(),
client_cert_path: config.client_cert_path.to_owned(),
nickname: Some(config.nickname.to_owned()),
username: Some(config.username.to_owned()),
password: config.password.to_owned(),
channels: Some(self.config.channels()),
burst_window_length: Some(config.burst_window),
max_messages_in_burst: Some(config.burst_limit),
......@@ -57,7 +57,8 @@ pub struct ConnectionConfig {
pub port: u16,
pub use_ssl: bool,
pub cert_path: Option<String>,
pub server_cert_path: Option<String>,
pub client_cert_path: Option<String>,
pub nickname: String,
pub username: String,
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